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At Five Skies Painting, we understand that Painting and Staining is not only a need but a necessity to maintaining your home’s pristine condition for years to come. Do the interior or exterior surfaces of your home need a new texture or paint color? From choosing the right paint to prepping your home’s exterior, Five Skies has the best equiptment and crew’s to make painting a breeze. We look forward to working with you and exploring all options to meet your goals.


The right tool for the job.  When it comes to painting there are lots of options; choosing the right one is important.  For example, a small 1000 sf. rental unit (2 bedroom, 1 bath, couple closets, kitchen & living room area), do you mask off & spray, or cut and roll?  I debate this one every time it comes up, and I can do it both ways.  If the ceilings are white and the walls a different color, I lean towards the rollers; if it’s all the same color (walls & ceiling) with a couple color accent walls, I might spray.

New construction is generally sprayed with an airless or air assisted sprayer.  Doors, trim, staining and clear coating could be sprayed with a HVLP sprayer to reduce material overspray and perhaps speed up the process.  Sometimes a brush and lots of rags work best.  We also have appropriate material handling equipment; drying racks, door stackers, staging planks, and of course, ladders.

A quality paint job requires attention to detail and thorough prep work.
I have the skills and relationships with other sub contractors to do excellent Painting and Staining. Whatever the scope of your project; new construction, a kitchen or bathroom remodel, painting or tiling, Five Skies can help.

“I just moved to Durango and the home I moved into needed to be completely re-stained. Having never lived in a log home, I did not know what kind of hassle this could be… Jonathan and his crews were great to work with and the project was done in no time, thanks to Five Skies.”